Document Versioning

Document Versioning Track and manage information over time with versioning in your document library. View and recover previous versions from the item’s history. Restoring older versions of a file can be especially useful when unapproved or unwanted changes have been made to the file and it needs to be returned to a previous state. When enabled, […]

Creating a Folder in a Resource Library

Creating a Folder in a Resource Library Creating a folder in a resource library is one way to group and manage files. Open the document library by clicking on the Resources link in the navigation menu at the top of the page. The resource library is where you want to create a new folder. On the menu bar, […]

Alerts on a file

Creating an Alert to get Notified when a File or Folder is Changed You can create alerts to receive an email when resources or folders change in your community’s resource library.  You can set up an alert for the whole library, a folder, or a file. If you set up an alert for a a folder or […]

Adding-Uploading Resources

Adding / Uploading Resources (e.g. Files, Links, Recordings, Documents) Community members can add resources to the resource library. Resources that can be added include standard file types (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.), video files, links, and other.  There are several ways to add a resource. They can be added one by one or as a group. […]