Facilities and Innovative Design in Organizations (FIDO)

This collection of recorded webinars highlights innovative ideas related to facilities design in healthcare organizations. Topics focus on how physical design and innovative technology can be better optimized to support care delivery while bringing a greater sense of joy to work. The webinars were organized by the Facilities and Innovative Design in Organizations (FIDO) workgroup, hosted by CSI Solutions.

3D Printing in Healthcare
Evan Kuester, Senior Advanced Applications Engineer of 3D Systems provides an intriguing and in depth look into the world of 3D printing and how it’s driving innovation in healthcare. October 2019

Box Score Accounting
Kevin Little, PhD introduces the concept of lean accounting and its implications for physical design in healthcare settings. October 2017

Clinica Family Health Optimized Care Team Space
Judy Troyer from Clinica Family Health in Lafayette, CO discusses strategic design ideas focused around the care team. August 2017

Data Driven Design
Jason Beshore, Principal of Health at HDR , one of the largest healthcare design organizations in the country shares how data is used in various forms during the design process with a specific focus on predictive analytics. September 2018

Delivering Patient Ready Facilities on Day 1
Jim Hellier from Global Workplace Solutions addresses the goal of guaranteeing clinics and facilities are patient ready on day one. Areas of focus include identifying challenges in healthcare technologies, project modeling, the lean process approach and understanding perspective. May 2018

Emerging Patient Facing Technologies: Samsung
David Rhew, MD from Samsung discusses emerging patient facing technology including the use of virtual reality in healthcare and virtual care in cardiac rehabilitation. June 2017

Exam Room Activity and Discharge
Session 3 in the Lifecycle of the Patient Visit Flow in Primary Care, presented by Chase Thuente of Accelerate focuses on the exam room space, how it is utilized for optimum care team workflow, provider efficiency and patient experience. February 2019

Family Medicine Richmond Present and Future
Rob Trachtenberg, MS shares the impact of trauma informed care on facility design and the effects of alternative payment methodology on their organization’s work. May 2018

Follow Up and In-Home Care Deep Dive
Session 4 of in the Lifecycle of the Patient Visit Flow in Primary Care addresses follow up and in-home care. Supporting technologies, care models, customer segments and reimbursement are all addressed in this one-hour webinar. March 2019

From Primary Care Pre-Visit Engagement to Rooming
Session 2 in the Lifecycle of the Patient Visit Flow in Primary Care, presented by Lindsay Hartsock of DIRTT and Dr. Robert Adams of Zeriscope, offers expert insight into the patient’s arrival, check in and rooming process through use of various technologies such as kiosks and biometrics, the value-add of pre-visit screening tools as well as the crucial role of the lobby, its design and staff. November 2018

HIMSS Value Framework and Innovation Center
Rod Piechowski from Healthcare information and Management Systems Society shares the ongoing work of improving health through technology via value framework and the HIMSS Innovation Laboratory. October 2017

Launching a Telepsychiatry Program
Jenys Allende, MD founder and CMO of Collaborative Psychiatric Care addresses the need for continuing behavioral health integration, improved access as well as the tools her organization uses to bring telepsychiatry into the care setting. September 2018

Mobil Technology Making Underserved Populations Healthier
Vineet Singal of CareMessage discusses the positive impacts and implications of using mobile technology with underserved populations. July 2018

Optimizing Care Processes Across Improvement Targets
This webinar introduces strategies and resources to Accelerate Care Transformation by Jerome A. Osheroff, MD, FACP, FACMI Principal, TMIT Consulting, LLC Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. May 2018

Security vs Compliance: It’s Not the Same!
Christian Gallagher and Darly Sirota of EstesGroup share the challenges and impact of understanding and managing cyber security in both the healthcare and private sectors. This insightful presentation offers real life scenarios of security opportunities, HIPPA compliance examples and recommendations on how to strengthen your organization’s ability to prevent security breaches. April 2019

South Central Web Cast
Doug Eby, MD, MPH from Southcentral Foundation in Alaska discusses facility design that promotes relationship between customers (patients) and their fully integrated care team. June 2017

Telehealth I Deep Dive
Regan DuBose-Morris, PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina and Tina Benton from the University of Arkansas Center for Distance Health discuss telehealth as it relates to care coordination, integration of sub-specialty support, capacity building for decision support, remote monitoring and reimbursement. June 2018

Telehealth II Deep Dive
Mei Wa Kwong, JD from the Center for Connected Health Policy and Ragan Dubose-Morris, PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina present on the telehealth landscape as well as a virtual tour of telehealth usage in the clinical space. August 2018

The Paradigm Shift, Understanding the True Secret Behind Increased Security and Compliance.
Scott Griffith of Aesto Health addresses the how and whys of the increasing frequency of cyber security hacks, why healthcare is a top target, where the greatest risk for breaches reside and the importance of regular, frequent team trainings for all staff members in an organization. April 2019

Waiting Room Design Concepts
This webinar introduces fourteen ideas from the Center for Care Innovation (CCI) that will help transform the waiting room experience from passive waiting into an active care experience. October 2017

Why Telehealth Projects Fail and What You Can Do About It
Christian Milaster, founder and president of Ingenium Digital Health Consulting, and the Executive Director of Healthcare Shapers USA shares how you can dramatically increase the likelihood of success for your telehealth projects in your organization. September 2019