Person/Patient and Family Engagement (PFE)

Person/Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) is a way to describe people, their families, and health professionals working together in collaboration. PFE builds relationships between the individual seeking care, the provider, and the healthcare system. It shapes care around individual patient needs. PFE is critical during every interaction across the entire healthcare industry – hospital, community, rehabilitative centers, and ambulatory care. Explore the resources below:

A Roadmap to Person and Family Engagement
PFE policies and procedure recommendations for hospitals developed by the Michigan Hospital Association.

Advancing Health Equity as a Team
This AAFP Toolkit support the development of organizational culture that promotes equity and addresses gaps resulting from SDOH.

Person and Family Engagement Toolkit
This CMS PFE toolkit provides strategic planning and resources to integrate PFE into an organizations workflow.

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care
A moving 5 minute video from Clevland Clinic that may be helpful in staff training and PFE workshops.

Engaging Patients and Families to Improve Patient Safety
This AHRQ guide presents an approach to engaging patients and families to improve safety.

Engaging Patients Improves Health and Health Care
This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation site provides resources to support patient involvmenet and activation.

Engaging Patients, Families, and Communities
This NCBI article explores approaches that orient the U.S. health care system around people’s needs.

Guide to PFE: Environmental Scan Report
A comprehensive AHRQ analysis of hospital-based PFE, including an environmental scan, a summary of interventations, and recommendations.

The What Matters Index
This article and tool explains the role and use of the My Health Confidence scale.

Patient-Centered Interactions
A comprehensive, tested toolkit for the implmentation of patient-centered interactions by the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative.