Alerts on a file

Creating an Alert to get Notified when a File or Folder is Changed

You can create alerts to receive an email when resources or folders change in your community’s resource library. 

You can set up an alert for the whole library, a folder, or a file. If you set up an alert for a a folder or a file, you will receive alerts only when changes are made to that element. To set up alerts:

  • Open the resource library and hover over the folder, file, or link, for which you want to receive alerts. Click the small circle to the left of the folder, file or link name so that a check appears.

  • Click the ellipses () to the right of the item name, and then click Alert Me from the dropdown list of options.
  • The Alert me when items changedialog displays.
  • In the Alert me when items change dialog, select and change the options you want. For settings and descriptions, see Alert Options below.

Click OK when done.

Get alerts on all changes in a document library

You can get an alert whenever any file, link, or folder changes. Depending on the item (file, folder, link), there are a few different alert options.

  • Open the resource library and make sure no items are selected.
  • Click the ellipses () on the toolbar at the top of the page and then click Alert Me.

  • In the Alert me when items change dialog, change or fill in the options you want. For settings and descriptions, see Alert Options below.
  • Click OK when done.


Cancel alerts

  • To view your alerts from a page on the site, click the ellipsis (…) on the top line, and then click Manage My Alerts.

  • Click the checkbox beside name of the alert that you want to delete.
  • Click Delete Selected Alerts, and then click OK.

  • Click OK.

Alert Options

In the Alert me when items change dialog, the following settings are available for alerts on an item, file, link or folder.  Note: Not all settings may be available for all alert types or versions.

  • Alert title – This is the subject for the email or text message. It’s pre-filled with the name of the document library and item name, but you can change it.
  • Send Alerts To – This is the username or email you want the alert sent to. To enter more than one, separate the addresses with semicolons.
  • Delivery Method – Choose email or a text message for alerts. For text messages, add the phone number and check the box if you want the URL of the item to be sent.
  • Change Type – Choose to receive alerts for all changes, when new items are added, or existing items are modified or deleted. No alert is sent when an item is deleted from a view.
  • Send Alerts for These Changes – This lets you pick the type of changes for which you receive alerts. You can pick when someone changes any file, link, or folder, or when someone changes a file, link, or folder you created or last modified.
  • When to Send Alerts – This specifies how frequently you get alerts. You can get notifications immediately when changes happen, or a daily or weekly summary.