Community Calendars

As a community member you are able to view calendar events for your community. You are not able to add or edit events to the community calendar. Contact your Community Admin if you wish to add an event.

From your community home page there are two ways to access the community calendar:

Under the community name, select the calendar link in the navigation menu,

From the events section, lower on the page, select the ‘View Calendar’ link.

The community calendar will display. By default, the calendar is set to view: all events.  A drop-down list is available to filter the list by Category. The category was determined when the event was added to the calendar. Also, by default the calendar view is set to display the current month. Your view can be changed to display a single day or a week at a glance.

By double clicking on an existing calendar event you can view the details of the event. Within the event, if available you will find details on how to register for the event.

Double click on an existing calendar event to complete the following:

  • Set up an alert for the event – Click on the ‘Alert me’ link
  • Share the event with others – this functionality is not supported

All events will display in the time zone indicated in the blue box above the calendar.