Edit Community Home Page Header

As a Community Admin you are able to edit the top section of your home page to add an announcement or important information for your community.

To update the information or announcement that displays in this section

  • Select the ‘Admin’ link in the community navigation header

On the Admin page, select ‘Community Home Page Header’ link.

  • The ‘Community Header Edit’ form displays.
  • Populate the following fields found on the form:
  • Title – brief content, such as an abbreviation for your community
  • Smaller Header – for example the state in which your community operates or your community sponsor
  • Big Header – for example, your community name
  • Description – up to 450 characters, with spaces
  • Button Link – this is a link to an external website related to your announcement or the information being shared
  • Button Text – brief description of link destination
  • Once all fields have been populated, select the ‘Save’ button.
  • Select the Home link in the community navigation header, the information you have entered on the form will now display on your community home page.