Member Management

Member Management

Each community on the Healthcare Communities website has a Member Management page which allows community members to view contact information for other community members.

As a Community Admin you have the ability to

  • Add Community Members
  • Remove Community Members
  • Edit Member profile information
  • Approve pending member requests
  • Reject pending member requests

The Member page can be accessed from your community home page by selecting the Members link from the navigation menu at the top of the home page.

For Community Admins, the ‘Add User’ option on the Member Administration page is always enabled.

Once this ‘Add User’ option is selected the Community Admin is prompted to enter the new member’s email address.  When the continue button is selected a second dialogue box will display requesting first name, last name and phone number.  Email, first name and last name are required fields.  If the member is already registered on the Healthcare Communities website this information will be pre-filled.

Once the request to add a user is submitted (you may have to select the submit button twice):

  • If this added member is already registered on the Healthcare Communities website the word ‘Success’ will display and the person will be able to access the community the next time they log in.  No notification is sent to the added member.
  • If the added member is not registered, they will be sent an invitation to join the Healthcare Communities website. Once they have successfully registered for the website, they will already be a member of the community.

Other Functions

To remove an existing member the Community Admin can select a member by checking to the checkbox to the left of the member name. Once removed, the member will no longer be able to access the community.  No notification will be sent to the member.

The Community Admin can edit member information such as email, first name and last name.

All community members, including admins, have the ability to email other members of the community using the Email options that displays on the Member Administration page.  To email a member select the checkbox to the left of the member name and email option will be enabled.  Multiple members can be selected at the same time.

Registration Link

On the Member page there is Registration Link available to all members.  This link can be copied and given to new members to allow them to join your community. The link sends them to a special page that shows the name and description for your community.  The user can click the Join button on that page. Once they do, their name and email address will appear on the Pending Members tab.  If this new member is not already registered on the Healthcare Communities website, they will be prompted to register for the site. uses Microsoft Services to enhance security and the user experience. Microsoft (Azure) Services is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that allows us to build, manage and deploy our applications on a global, highly secure network that is compliant with all required government regulations.

The Healthcare Communities registration process varies depending on the email address you use to register and whether or not you already have a Microsoft Services account.

If you require more information, we encourage you to contact us via our Help tool.  If not logged into the site you can access Help using this url.  Once logged in, select this url to request assistance.