Requesting a News Article

If you are a Community Admin you can request a news article be added the home page of your community. News Articles are found in the lower section of your community home page.

After your request is submitted a Site Administrator will add the news article to your home page.

To request that a news article be added

  1. From your community home page, select the Admin link found in the top navigation menu.
  2. On the Admin page you will find a link labeled ‘Request News Article’.  Select the ‘Request News Article’ link.
  3. A new window will open that contains a request form.  The following information is required:
  • Title – this is the title of the article that will appear on the home page
  • Submitted by – you will enter your name or email address
  • Article content – this is a brief description or the announcement
  • Comments allowed – indicates whether or not comments can be posted to the article by community members
  • Status (of the request) – set to New then Site Administrators will update.

An attachment can be included with the news article request.

  1. After all fields are populated, select the ‘Save’ button.

The request will be submitted to a Healthcare Communities Site Administrator who will process your request.