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During the COVID-19 health crisis and beyond many need access to guidance on telehealth, including clinical, legal, and technical expertise, as well as advice from peers. Participation in this community is free.

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CSI Solutions and its partners have launched this community to enable rapid access to telehealth information and resources. Join the conversation to learn and contribute to this important work.

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Upcoming Telehealth Webinars

September 17, 2020 12PM ET – Telehealth Use Cases for Acute and Post-Acute Care

Virtual Inpatient Care, Remote Patient Monitoring and other valuable use cases.
In this 60-minute webinar, join Christian Milaster, Founder & President of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, as he shares real-life examples from his experience in helping healthcare organizations to offer the best of both worlds.

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July 23, 2020 – Hybrid Care Delivery: The Best of Both Worlds

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July 9, 2020 – Optimizing Your Telehealth Services The 6 Hallmarks of Excellent Telehealth Services

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Selected Recent Telehealth Resources

This 60-minute HIMMS webcast explores how Northwell Health is leveraging multiple technology platforms in new ways during the COVID-19 health crisis.
Published on: 2020-07-14
Optimizing telehealth
Published on: 2020-07-14
The following sample scripts can help your front desk team manage the process of helping patients handling the shift to telehealth appointments.
Published on: 2020-07-14
This updated site provides AMA updates and a link to AMA's Steps Forward Module on Telemedicine.
Published on: 2020-07-14

Telehealth Updates

Ingenium Digital Health Advisors Optimizing Care Delivery

  • Telehealth Success through Conscious Change Management
    by Christian Milaster on September 22, 2020 at 7:25 am

    A quote from one of the brothers Mayo, Dr. Charlie Mayo, has stuck with me all these years: "Today the only thing that is permanent is change." The quote was recorded almost 90 years ago in 1931 and never was more true than today. If change is what we have to deal with constantly, [...] The post Telehealth Success through Conscious Change Management appeared first on Ingenium Digital Health Advisors.

  • by Christian Milaster on September 15, 2020 at 6:28 am

    Telehealth Workflows, Policies & TechnologiesEvery extraordinary recipe for a sublime dish relies on superb ingredients and high-grade kitchen tools that the seasoned chefs carefully procure and maintain. The secret behind sublime telehealth, lies in a similar list of ingredients and tools, namely workflows, policies, and technology. While technology is obviously a key ingredient in a [...] The post appeared first on Ingenium Digital Health Advisors.

  • Why Healthcare Organizations need a Telehealth Strategy
    by Christian Milaster on September 8, 2020 at 6:33 am

    A bridge is typically a metaphor for creating a shortcut, crossing a chasm, or to overcome an obstacle like a river. A Telehealth Strategy serves the same purpose: to navigate you confidently across and through the uncertain future to get “to the other side”. Unlike bridges though, plans and strategies are not created to [...] The post Why Healthcare Organizations need a Telehealth Strategy appeared first on Ingenium Digital Health Advisors.

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Telehealth is used as an interim and long-term strategy to increase patient access to care, enhance care team productivity, and provide a positive experience for patient and provider.


Secondary Drivers

1.1 A dynamic plan based on assessment of need

1.2 Policies and procedures to cover human resources, operational, and legal requirements

1.3 Communication methods reaching community stakeholders

1.4 Optimized space and technology

Change Concepts

Choose a secondary driver to reveal its change concepts

-Conduct a formal readiness assessment

-Regularly address overall population needs based on patient and visit data

-Assess impact on scheduling and space

-Codify aims and how to measure them

-Look for innovative ways to expand use of virtual care

-Identify patients who would benefit from telehealth visits using defined criteria

-Use documentation standards for all aspects of a telehealth visit

-Develop and implement generalized workflows and those needed for specific population segments

-Follow federal, local, medical practice and malpractice insurance guidance for virtual care provision

-Adapt job descriptions and onboarding to Include telehealth expectations

-Designate oversight responsibility for telehealth

-Engage a clinical champion

-Build awareness in staff and community

-Manage expectations of patients and families

-Stay current with evolving technology

-Assign responsibility for technical support

-Protect privacy and security in all locations and with all device options

-Confirm home monitoring devices and interfaces used

-Identify space and technology barriers and develop mitigation strategies


  1. Telehealth Readiness Assessment tool:

No Resources

No Resources

No Resources


Secondary Drivers

2.1 Standardized, role-based workflows, scripts, and documentation

2.2 Patient and provider communication and engagement strategies

2.3 Formal initial and ongoing training approach

Change Concepts

-Define responsibilities for all aspects of the telehealth visit

-Regularly review and standardize telehealth workflows

-Incorporate remote care and remote monitoring documentation into an overall record and care plan

-Anticipate potential failures in remote care provision and develop written contingency plans

-Provide staff with tools and information to engage patients in a culturally appropriate manner

-Share information to promote patient comfort with telehealth

-Build self-management support staffing into telehealth scheduling

-Incorporate feedback to improve patient experience

-Measure and act on provider experience with telehealth

-Use scripts for reliable messaging before and during the visit

-Train stakeholders to meet their distinct needs

-Cross train staff

-Add telehealth training to onboarding process



Secondary Drivers

3.1 Continuous data-driven quality improvement system

3.2 Ongoing review and response to reimbursement and regulatory requirements

Change Concepts

-Regularly monitor and act on metrics that align with goals

-Incorporate telehealth into QI and strategic planning

-Document value in financial and non-financial terms

-Stay abreast of payer reimbursement rules and requirements

-Maximize traditional and alternative funding opportunities


No Resources


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Secondary Drivers

Bi-directional modalities and back-up systems confirmed, installed, and tested
Integration of biometric monitoring and point of care testing


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