Welcome to Healthcare Communities Support

We have multiple channels for obtaining support when you find that you might need that extra assistance.  All are as close as your browser or email. No matter which channel you use to request support, they all tie into a support system that tracks every element of your interaction with us and gives you a portal to look at previous tickets and their history.


The best way to get support is through our new SMART Agent Support System. This new natural language AI agent is on duty 24/7 to answer your questions and search through our resources to deliver you the best match to quickly resolve most common issues. The SMART Agent can be found in the lower left on your screen on most healthcarecommunities pages.

Requests by email

Submit support requests via email to help@healthcarecommunities.org

Online Portal

The online portal allows you to open a new ticket, view existing ticket as well as offer a complete history of the tickets you have opened as well as their resolutions.