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During the COVID-19 health crisis and beyond many need access to guidance on telehealth, including clinical, legal, and technical expertise, as well as advice from peers. Participation in this community is free.

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CSI Solutions and its partners have launched this community to enable rapid access to telehealth information and resources. Join the conversation to learn and contribute to this important work.

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Ingenium Digital Health

Peter Caplan, MPCD, MS
Telehealth Strategy & Implementation Advisor Ingenium Digital Health Advisors


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Upcoming Telehealth Webinars

September 17, 2020 2PM ET – Telehealth Use Cases for Acute and Post-Acute Care

Virtual Inpatient Care, Remote Patient Monitoring and other valuable use cases.
In this webinar, Christian Milaster and Erkan Hassan, will provide a comprehensive overview of healthcare’s most common uses of telehealth for acute care in the hospital and emergency room and post-acute care at home, nursing homes and hospice, including remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Christian Milaster is the Founder & President at Ingenium Digital Health Advisors and Co-Founder of the Telehealth Community. Erkan Hassan, PharmD, is the Acute & Critical Care Advisor at Ingenium Digital Health Advisors and Principal at Transformational Views Consulting.

Previous Telehealth Webinars

August 20, 2020 – Measuring Telehealth Success

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July 23, 2020 – Hybrid Care Delivery: The Best of Both Worlds

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July 9, 2020 – Optimizing Your Telehealth Services The 6 Hallmarks of Excellent Telehealth Services

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Selected Recent Telehealth Resources

This 60-minute HIMMS webcast explores how Northwell Health is leveraging multiple technology platforms in new ways during the COVID-19 health crisis.
Published on: 2020-07-14
Optimizing telehealth
Published on: 2020-07-14
The following sample scripts can help your front desk team manage the process of helping patients handling the shift to telehealth appointments.
Published on: 2020-07-14
This updated site provides AMA updates and a link to AMA's Steps Forward Module on Telemedicine.
Published on: 2020-07-14

Telehealth Updates

Ingenium Digital Health Advisors Optimizing Care Delivery

  • 5 Telehealth Metrics Healthcare Leaders Need to Pay Attention to
    by Christian Milaster on October 27, 2020 at 6:55 am

    With telehealth having been launched virtually overnight in most healthcare organizations, many leaders are pretty much in the dark when it comes to their insights into the performance of their organization’s telehealth services. Without “knowing how it’s going”, healthcare organizations risk alienating clinicians, limiting patients’ access to care, and hurting their bottom line. In [...] The post 5 Telehealth Metrics Healthcare Leaders Need to Pay Attention to appeared first on Ingenium Digital Health Advisors.

  • Is Virtual Care Worsening Outcomes?
    by Christian Milaster on October 20, 2020 at 9:18 am

    The Covid-19 health crisis accelerated the wide-spread adoption of virtual care to quickly get care to the patients while keeping physicians, staff and patients safe. But after many months of some patients being seen “virtual only”, the question is asked: Is virtual care worsening outcomes? A Simple 4-step Care Process I’ve been working in [...] The post Is Virtual Care Worsening Outcomes? appeared first on Ingenium Digital Health Advisors.

  • No Virtual Care Waiting Rooms, Please!
    by Christian Milaster on October 13, 2020 at 6:08 am

    As we are getting more and more familiar with the new virtual care paradigm, the “new normal” seems to slowly now also embrace the widespread abomination of traditional care: Making Patients Wait. Thus my plea is: No Virtual Care Waiting Rooms, please! Virtual Care Waiting Rooms are Necessary! Now, don’t get me wrong — [...] The post No Virtual Care Waiting Rooms, Please! appeared first on Ingenium Digital Health Advisors.

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Influenza season is coming soon!

Many have found innovative ways to triage patients with Covid-19 symptoms and to check-in on patients with suspected Covid-19 disease via telehealth.  Those efforts together with outdoor, drive-up testing and pulse oximetry [either at home or drive through]  have provided a critical lifeline for access to care.  How might we take those lessons learned from Covid-19 and apply them to a new approach to preventing, diagnosing and managing influenza?  Surely we can improve on long waits for vaccines and asking people with symptoms to be in our waiting rooms!  What ideas for using telehealth for influenza A will you be testing in the next few months?


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