These telehealth resources have been selected to support rapid access to clinical, legal, and regulatory information from reputable sources during the Covid-19 health crisis and beyond. Browse all or select a topic at right:

Legal and Regulatory

Center for Connected Health Policy
Includes a link to a searchable summary of state regulations and policies on telehealth.

DEA Regulations & CoVid-19
Video describing changes in DEA regulations for prescribing buprenorphine for OUD via telelhealth and telephone as of April 2, 2020.

Fact Sheets
Important regulatory changes, key research reports and other policy points.

Government Bill Analysis
A website with 40 one-page analyses of bills relevant to telehealth use.

Legal Takeaways from CARES
This article outlines key takeaways in the CARES ACT related to telehealth.

Legislative & Regulatory Updates
Concise, updated summaries of state laws on Telehealth organized by the 12 regions of the Center for Connected Health Policy.

Telehealth Clinical

Telehealth Etiquette Video Series
A series of 5 short videos from the University of Arkansas on Telehealth skills and etiquette that may be useful for training.

Telehealth Guides

AMA Guide to Telemedicine in Practice
This updated site provides AMA updates and a link to AMA’s Steps Forward Module on Telemedicine.

COVID-19 and Telehealth Toolkit
A 7-page guide to using Telehealth to address the Covid-19 health crisis, with a list of resource for additional support.

Ingenium – Telehealth for the COVID-19 health crisis
This article provides a checklist, guidance on fitting the right telehealth service to the right need and launching telehealth for the CoVid-19 Health Crisis.

TRC Telehealth Etiquette Checklist
The Telehealth Resources Centers have shared this one-page checklist of useful etiquette tips for tele-visits.

Telehealth Technology

Guide to Telehealth Vendors
Health IT News offers this listing of telemedicine companies that can help hospitals and other providers organizations deliver quality virtual care.

HIMMS Deploying Telehealth During COVID-19
This 60-minute HIMMS webcast explores how Northwell Health is leveraging multiple technology platforms in new ways during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Telehealth Readiness Assessment Tool
Online and interactive readiness assessment from the Maryland Health Care Commission.

Telehealth Toolkits
Telehealth Technology offers these concise guides for providers with introductions to the equipment and platforms used for telehealth.

This PDF version of the online
Telehealth Readiness Assessment (TRA) tool from the Maryland Health Care Commission is designed to assist small physician practices.

Webinars and Podcasts

Launching a Telepsychiatry Program
Licensed in 10 states, Dr. Jenys Allende offers insights into the emerging model of telepsychiatry and what she learned over the past 10 years.

Mobile Technology Making Underserved Populations Healthier
A webinar featuring the company, Care Message on using texting to significantly impact under served populations.

Telehealth I Deep Dive
Part 1 of a 2 part series covers a baseline of telehealth activity throughout the country. Guest speakers include Dr. Ragan DuBose-Morris and Tina Benton.

Telehealth II Deep Dive
Part 2 of a 2 part series covers a baseline of telehealth activity throughout the country. Guest speakers include Dr. Ragan DuBose-Morris and Tina Benton.

Why Telehealth Projects Fail and What You Can Do About It
Ingenium Health care Advisors discuss how to optimize the delivery of care through digital health and telehealth.

Workflows and Protocols

COVID Smartphrases 3.20
An FAQ sheet with answers to COVID-19 smart phrases from Kaiser Permanente.

COVID-19 Remote Assessment in Primary Care
The British Medical Journal published this concise workflow for remote assessment of patients with Covid questions and/or symptoms.

HuddleCard_COVID10_DropletUpdate3-10 617
Alignment of COVID-19 to droplet precautions for testing from Kaiser Permanente.

Phone Visit Triage
COVID-19 Phone visit triage workflow from Kaiser Permanente.

RN Screening Tool for COVID-19
Virtual COVID-19 screening protocols and advice tool for patients, healthcare workers and employees from Kaiser Permanente.

TELEVISIT Workflow for Primary Care COVID-19 Cambridge Health Alliance
A 28 page PowerPoint from Cambridge Health Alliance on Primary Care Televisit workflows.

Urgent Care Flow
An RN Urgent Care COVID-19 Triage workflow from Kaiser Permanente.

Who When To Test COVID19
A one-page workflow on who to test for COVID-19 from Kaiser Permanente.